I randomly opened a journal and found this entry.  I love what I wrote and can feel the gentle support I am giving myself.  And what’s resonating now is I am focused on decluttering my life – both figuratively and literally.  And this entry really talks about decluttered my doing and being aware of the moment.  Stopping and noticing.  And this is the most simple declutter there is.



Who am I without something to do? I am a body that has complex systems and works together beautifully to keep me living and experiencing life. I coexist with the universe, breathing, eating, feeling the sun on my arms. Without something to do, I can notice, feel, touch, smell and hear. I become aware of how my senses are working. I feel my clothes on my skin, I see the leaves move in the wind, I smell the fresh air. I am so much more connected to the universe and aware of my connection. I feel loved and supported. Without something to do, I cannot judge myself my saboteurs wait it out. It opens up permission, love, kindness. It’s almost like an innocence and freedom – there is no doing it wrong or worry about others will think. It just is. The person I am without something to do it’s the same one when I am doing something. She is with me all the time and I can tap in to her anytime I want.  AND I can decide not to do something anytime I choose. And that is a gift. I am feeling kindness, love, connection and awareness.

I am really loving this person, these thoughts resonate and feel gentle, kind and warm.  I will tap into the concept of being someone with nothing to do to see what opens up for me and where it takes me.

– MM