I am sharing the full entry I mentioned on the My Story page.  This was such a profound moment for me.  And one that changed my life.  There was no big event or experience.  I was alone and simply allowing deep emotions to surface.  I believe my soul or my higher self inspired me to shift my perspective completely.  Now, to be clear, I did not move to absolute self-love and never look back.  This is something I work on often and I know I continue to take small steps to grow that love consistently.  My biggest learning is self-love is the biggest power we have.  It allows everything to align and for you to serve others in a beautifully authentic way.

11/27/15 I’ve decided. I’m not waiting around. I’m not relying on others. I’m not hoping something happens. I’m doing it myself. I’m figuring out and doing it. I’m disgusted and I’ve decided. Here is what I am doing: finding an income source that allows me to be comfortable, to share and to get back. And to know I deserve it, it is mine and I’m still a kind, respectful, grateful person. I’m done waiting hoping – now I’m doing. I’m positive confident and certain. It is very good.

11/28/15 As I read what I wrote above, I want to change my goal because I think I miscommunicated the real essence. It is this: from now on I am doing going to be OK with myself. There will be no self-doubt, no more insults. I’ll be aware of and step away from negative thoughts about myself. This is toxic and I find it easily I find it easily get stuck in the trap without even realizing it.  Back to the bigger picture – no more self-doubt, put downs and energy clogging mindset. I know I can do anything on earth I want to I will do it!

This was very early in my awareness journey.  I can see that I started the Untethered Soul shortly after this which makes perfect sense.  If you haven’t read it, it is a perfect book to help grow awareness and the power of choice.

– MM